Our Story

At Ethos we have one goal in mind;  Natural ingredients that allow maximum focus during exercise and an optimised recovery post workout. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans, Non GMO & Soy Free, with recyclable packaging.
Energy drinks & powdered pre-workouts can be full of artificial ingredients flavourings and sugar. We’ve perfected formulas to give you the boost you need without harmful ingredients.
There's no need to mix up a messy pre-workout drink, Ethos Lab capsules give you an extra boost PLUS added vitamins and minerals, in a convenient travel (or gym bag) friendly bottle.
Our Founders 
Tom & Ben, both workout warriors and vitamin customers were frustrated by the lack of high-quality natural supplements available. This led to a passion to create the best natural workout and performance products available.
Our Mission
Our ethos is to deliver the best source of nutrients the body needs, and contribute to optimal performance pre and post workout. 
Built around our mission we established Ethos Lab to encourage healthy living and support your daily routine. We’re here to encourage strong mindsets, belief systems and lifestyle habits, so what’s your ethos? 
Let us do the hard work, and create the products to support your daily routine and enhance your life, physically and mentally. 
Thank you for taking the time to support Ethos Lab.
Ethos Co-Founders