What is ethos? 
An affordable, premium fitness and lifestyle focused brand. Our products are designed to help support a successful daily routine.

When should I use the Pre-workout blend? 
30 minutes before a workout to give you that extra push without that "buzz" feeling or energy drop post workout.

When should I use the Recovery blend? 
Ideally 30 minutes after any exercise to assist your recovery, ready for the next work out.

What are the benefits of using Ethos? 

High quality products designed to support your daily routine, made using natural ingredients. Our products are shipped in flat bottles, easy to keep in your gym bag or when travelling.
Using capsules instead of powders, there is none of the mess created when mixing powder drinks.

How many Capsules are in one pack?
30 Capsules, the recommended dose is 1 capsule.

How long will a bottle last me? 
Approximately 1 month.

Will you be offering a subscription service? 
It is certainly something we have thought about and will look to introduce in the future.

Are Ethos products Vegan? 
Yes, 100% Vegan.

What countries do you deliver to? 
Delivery is free on all UK orders.

How long is delivery? 
Delivery in the UK is expected to be 1-3 days.
Worldwide shipping is expected to take 2-7 days.

Is the packaging recyclable?  
Yes, all Ethos bottles and bags can be recycled.

Do you offer wholesale?
Yes, please contact us at tom@ethoslab.co.uk.

How do I become a brand ambassador? 
Please email us at tom@ethoslab.co.uk.

Who do I message about press enquires? 
Please email us at tom@ethoslab.co.uk.